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1) Making it in the Art World: 240 pages

2) Sell Online Like a Creative Genius: 143 pages

Review from Museum Director / MFA Chair at SVA, David Ross

“In a remarkably useful guidebook for artists trying to find their way, the artist Brainard Carey has spelled out in a clear and concise manner a series of strategies and techniques that, taken as a whole, are the equivalent of that elusive course in real-world preparedness that most art schools gloss over or simply ignore. In addition to his thoughtful and thorough approach to the subject, Carey’s candor and complete lack of cynicism and posturing makes this book a must-read for any emerging artist.” —David A Ross, chair of MFA in Art Practice, School of Visual Arts, and former director of the Whitney Museum of American Art

How today’s artists survive, exhibit, and earn money—without selling out!

Career-minded artists, this is the book you have been waiting for! Making It in the Art World, Second Edition, explains how to be a professional artist and shares new methods to define and realize what success means. Whether you’re a beginner, a student, or a career artist looking to be in the best museum shows, this book provides ways of advancing your plans on any level. Author Brainard Carey, an artist himself with prestigious exhibitions like the Whitney Biennial under his belt, draws on more than twenty years of experience in the art world and from over 1,600 interviews with artists and curators for Yale University Radio.

Included is a thirteen-part workbook to help you formulate and execute a winning career advancement strategy, a process that will prepare you for navigating the art world successfully. Friendly chapters walk you through it all with topics such as:

  • Evaluating your work
  • Submitting proposals to museums and galleries
  • Creating pop-up shows
  • Presenting work to the public
  • Doing it your way (DIY exhibits)
  • Organizing events
  • Writing press releases
  • Finding collectors online and connecting
  • Using social media effectively
  • Selling online
  • Raising funds for projects
  • Getting international recognition

Making It in the Art World, Second Edition, is an invaluable resource for artists at every stage, offering readers a plethora of strategies and helpful tips to plan and execute a successful artistic career.

  • Paperback: 211 pages
  • Publisher: Allworth Press (April 19, 2022)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1621534847
  • ISBN-13: 978-1621534846
  • Product Dimensions: 6 x 0.9 x 8.9 inche

How to sell art or anything else online without leaving your home.

Whether you're selling original artwork, jewelry, or a unique product, this is the book for you. Brainard Carey offers advice with solid examples of how building an online business is something every creative person can pursue. Carey draws from his extensive experience and interviews with others to show artists and creative people how to sell their work independently and efficiently. Readers will learn how to establish an online store, develop a presence, promote their goods, and reach customers. Chapter topics include:

  • Understanding what a "sales funnel" is.
  • How to automate sales
  • Creative ways to advertise your product
  • Developing "lead magnets" and defining what they are
  • Remarketing and retargeting, explained
  • Raising capital for your business
  • And much more

With chapters divided between practical how-tos and case studies, Sell Online Like a Creative Genius™, offers readers both instructive and demonstrative lessons in making their small online business a reality. Everyone can do it with the right tools, and Carey offers an insider's guide to an otherwise daunting process.

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Brainard Carey
Brainard Carey

Brainard Carey has written three books for artists; The 2022 edition of Making it in the Art World (211 pages), as well as The Art World Demystified (310 pages) New Markets for Artists (265 pages) and three smaller books Sell Online (82 pages), Succeed with Social Media (77 pages), Fund Your Dreams (162 pages) and How I got into the Whitney Biennial (29 pages).

Carey interviews curators, writers and artists from all over the art world for Yale University radio. He also has a resource page for grants that is always updated. He is an educator and also an artist that has had major shows like The Whitney Museum Biennial.